Electronic Hardware Roundup

Ok I hope this doesn’t seem like a flex, but I want to just to write down what all I have so far and then mention how I got it and their current situation.

Nintendo Handhelds:

GameBoy Advance – Got it from my cousin, it still works, but it’s missing the battery cover and the screen is messed up. If I get a replacement screen it should be alright. Plus I need new rechargeable batteries.

GameBoy Advance SP (1) – My original one that I got from Saudi. Still works.

GameBoy Advance SP (2) – Got this one secondhand from a kid in Kannur. I bought it for around 2K INR. The audio is a bit weak but works otherwise.

Nintendo DS Lite (1) – This one is a white one that I got from Bangalore second hand for about 2k INR. It came with a Mario & Luigi sticker, but I took it off because it was getting stuck on opening.

Nintendo DS Lite (2) – A pink/pearl one that I got from a friend. The hinge is broken and the A,B,X,Y buttons are a bit defective as they have to pushed in quite a bit.

Nintendo DS Lite (3) – A red and black one that I got from a friend that also is completely broken. I think there was some problem with the battery pack and the motherboard got fried somehow.

Nintendo DS Lite (4) – A teal one that is in pieces. I got it second hand from the UK, but now it’s completely broken. I think it is possible to convert it into a GameBoy Macro, but I’m not sure.

Nintendo DSi – A pink one that I got from another cousin. It works perfectly fine, but I want to install Twilight Menu++ on it, but haven’t done it yet. EDIT: OK I did it now lol. It was pretty easy.

Nintendo 3DS- A black OG 3DS that’s been hacked with CFW(B9S). No games on its SD card though. Got it as a gift from my grandfather

Nintendo 2DS – Red/White 2DS from that same friend lol. He couldn’t use it due to region locking, I hacked it and fixed it but then he didn’t want it back. Just one game on the SD card.

“New “Nintendo 3DS – Got it second hand from the UK for about 60 GBP, calling it the New Nintendo 3DS was stupid idea Nintendo. It has some weird crusty stuff on it, but it works mostly fine. Sometimes the ZR trigger gets stuck though. It has been hacked and I have a 32GB microSD full of games

New Nintendo 2DS – This one I bought myself, a brand new one imported from Japan. I paid way too much for it and I wish I hadn’t done it. It’s a Japanese one so I had to hack it to run my games, one game installed on the microSD


PSP 3000 (1) – Got it from my cousin, has been hacked, but not with persistant CFW. Just Persona 3 and a GBA emulator for now. 2GB Memorystick

PSP 3000 (2) – Got it from another friend, also hacked, persistent CFW. Just Castlevania

PS3 Super Slim – Got it from my cousin, just know that it works, haven’t really used it as both my monitor and controller died.

Laptop – Lenovo Legion Y520 – Got it for college from my uncle. Pretty solid laptop, replaced the storage with a 1TB M.2 and a 1TB SATA SSD. GTX 1060 Max-Q design


BenQ RL2240HE – Currently not working. Was a decent 1080p monitor

Acer ??? – Old monitor that accepts only VGA. 1366×768. Not the greatest, but useful as a second monitor through a HDMI-to-VGA adapter.

Phone – Motorola One Power – Nice battery life. 5000mAh is pretty sweet. Not much else to say.

Keyboard – Logitech K200. Does the job.

Mouse– Logitech G402 Fury – First gaming mouse I’ve ever used. I really like the extra buttons. I mostly play just AoE2 on my laptop so I use the buttons a lot. I also use them as shortcuts for copy,paste and other system tasks sometimes.

Controller – CosmicByte Interstellar Wired – It was working fine, but then broke after a year. I then got it replaced under warranty and then the new one also broke after a year. They’re decent controllers, but I can’t really recommend them if it breaks after just a year.

Gone, but not forgotten:

My original black DS Lite, which I had in my pocket when I fell into a pond, and then I tried taking it apart to fix it. It was never fixed and my uncle threw it out.

My original turquoise 3DS, which fell from a shelf. I tried to take apart and fix it, but again the same problem. Was also thrown out by my uncle.

My original GameBoy Advance. I’ll be honest, I have no idea where it went. I just remember getting it from Bangalore, but then I lost it, and got a new one from Saudi, which I still have. I’m not sure where it went.

My PC. I assembled it myself after 10th grade, and it was pretty good value. It was really fun doing it, and I honestly wouldn’t mind doing it as a job. My original GPU wasn’t working, so I had to RMA it, but after that it worked fine till I left to go to college. After coming back it stopped working, and the only reason I could figure out was that some insects got into the motherboard and laid eggs there and messed up the connection. I do think the rest of the parts are working but I’m not able to check, and honestly it was due for an upgrade anyway.

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